Reusable energy business 

“Reusable energies from nature” in the spotlight

We encourage these energies to be much more helpful for you with our unique know-how of Hamatech


Solar Power Generation

We address solar power generation that harnesses solar energy


having infinite possibilities with a coherent system from operation to management.


Biomass Power Generation

We utilize reusable organic resources with a unique idea of Hamatech, which have


its head office in Nishimera village that is surrounded by 96% of the forest.

Wind Power Generation

Wind power generation has been soaring rapidly all over the world.


We provide excellent systems where the technology of Hamatech’s own invention can be applied everywhere.


Hydroelectric Power Generation

No other generating systems have broader applicable areas than hydroelectric power generation.


We propose any plan according to various environments.

Geothermal Power Generation

Unlike other renewable energy generations, geothermal power generation can provide


a stable amount of power generation that is impervious to the weather.


We support any program of geothermal generation that has a big potential in a volcanic country, Japan.


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