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■ If you have a query, request for documents or else, contact us by the numbers above.

■ Your call or fax will be connected directly to our head office. Please note that your query after office hours will be dealt with the next         day or later.

■ You may have to wait for our answer depending on your query.

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■ Please note that we may deal with your query by phone rather than e-mail according to the content of your query.

■ If you don’t receive our answer even a few days after sending the e-mail, please send it us again. 

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What is Private Information?

In our website, private information refers to your address, name, phone number, e-mail address etc.

that we get on this website that help us distinguish the individual.

Collecting private information

We collect your private information on this website based on the rule that you provide us with your private information on your own will, 

and we specify and clarify the purpose of utilizing the information.

We collect private information only within the range in order to accomplish the specified purpose of utilization.

Management of private information

We promise that we won't go telling anyone else the stuff you've told us on our website.

We will certainly and immediately delete your information that became needless for us to accomplish the specified purpose of utilization.

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