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General trading function

Multifunctional departments dealing with every case.

Let us introduce our original technologies below.

Department of General Building



Department of General Building

General Building Department, which is our professional field since the time Hamatech


was established is divided into electricity business and building business, and


we have a good reputation for our courteous operation based on the performance so far.

Department of Forest Development

Department of Forest Development

Our forest development department chiefly functioning in Nishimera village, Miyazaki pref. has


the operations mainly of cutting timber and the preservation of the forest.


Promoting employment in the village and utilizing the resources are also our goals.

Department of Industrial Waste

Hamatech deals with disposal of industrial waste as well.

Department of Industrial Waste
Department of Trade

Department of Trade

We select high-quality and valuable products,

making every effort to please our customers with our products.

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