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It is Kyodo Ai (loyalty to the hometown) that I wanted to emphasize.


I have aspiration for the way of living that one brought up in here


returns the favor to its hometown through business.



I grew up in a small village called Nishimera village with a population of less than about 1,200.


Going through a winding mountain road with its endless hairpin curves for about two hours from Miyazaki city,


you‘ll get the secluded village in Kyusyu called “Heisei no Tougenkyo” (present-day utopia).


In this village, there are few stores or facilities like in a city area.


Instead, we have magnificent sceneries with which the nature fascinates you in all seasons


and also have noble and warm-hearted people who welcome visitors sincerely.


This is my hometown with universal beauty.



I once considered establishing the head office in a city in order to make the company developed.


However, I came to realize as time goes by that it was in fact the other way around.


I thought that I would lose myself if I just stick to making the organization, what is called “company” bigger


in a big city where people are forced to be “inanimate”.



I spend almost all of the time in site visiting and business meeting outside of the village.


When I come back to the village, freeing myself from the time after work, I feel as if I took off “armor”


because whenever I return to here, Nishimera, a lot of friends of mine speak to me casually,


and elderly women give me their hospitality using a given name that they used to use when I was a child.


I believe that business won’t be successful unless both the company and the spirit are energetic.



Utilizing the resources in the village, generating employment and fostering young people of the next generation.


My dream is Kyodo Ai.


Photographer  OGAWA TAKAHIRO

Art Director   KOBAE KOUSUKE(Relation Design Co., Ltd.)

Designer         HARUKA FUKUIE(Relation Design Co., Ltd.)

  Hamasuna Michita 

Michita Hamasuna, born in 1982, is a representative of Hamatech Co.,Ltd.

It is his principle of doing business to deal with customers sincerely and

to be sensitive to the latest technology and information at any time.

Recently, he’s been expanding  his business not only domestically but also internationally.

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